Suggested Itineraries - Possible Tours - Efficient Travelling

Usually we do not offer standard / prepared in advance tours, as agencies do in general, that doesn’t mean that we cannot perform them, it’s just that we have a different approach.
Depending on available time and the area of main interest we suggest itineraries and objectives of possible tours in an efficient travelling manner. This is usually backed up by the priorities and the touristic objectives already in mind of the travelers.
Regions of Transylvania can be easily combined with some from Hungary, maybe a city tour of Budapest.
It is also worth considering the option of flying to and from Budapest Airport, even if you have in mind only regions and objectives in Transylvania.
Transylvania, Romania even more, represent a vast and very diverse area. In our opinion a good idea would be to pick a region and exploit its full potential.
We just prepared a short list of such possibilities, including some of the particularities, main objectives, and flying options.

Cluj - Maramures - Turda

Cluj - Maramures - Turda
Must sees: museums in Sighetu Marmatiei, Barsana Monastery, Mocanita – The Narrow Gauge Steam Train, Horses Water Falls, wooden churches, traditional households and craftsman, the salt mine in Turda.
Activities: open air tours, mountain trails / sightseeing of mountains, lakes and waterfalls, the Mocanita circuit on the Vaser Valey, visiting isolated villages, bounding with locals and craftsman, picnic, local eats and drinks.
Particularities: very well preserved rural life, traditional villages, welcoming people, and spectacular mountain landscapes + multicultural urban atmosphere (Cluj).
Flights: via Cluj Napoca Airport (Lufthansa direct or KLM, AF, LH, BA + WizzAir).
Recommended duration: 6 - 8 days.

Cluj - Maramures - Bucovina

Cluj - Maramures - Bucovina
Must sees: Bucovina and Sighet Village Museum, at least Barsana and Putna Monastery, Horses Water Falls, wooden churches, glacial and natural lakes, Royal Citadel in Suceava, traditional households, memorial houses and craftsman.
Activities: open air tours, mountain trails, lakes and waterfalls, steam trains, visiting isolated villages, bounding with locals and craftsman, picnic, local eats and drinks, short city and historical site tours.
Particularities: very well preserved rural life and traditions, welcoming people, spectacular landscapes, traditional crafts, monasteries & historical monuments.
Flights: via Cluj Napoca Airport
Recommended duration: 7 - 9 days.

Budapest - Maramures - Cluj

Budapest - Maramures - Cluj

Must sees: Budapest city tour + evening boat trip; Hortobágy National Park; museums in Sighetu Marmatiei, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, Rodnei Mountains National Park, Horses Water Falls, wooden churches, traditional households and craftsman, the salt mine in Turda and the city of Cluj Napoca.
Activities: city breaks, mountain trails, lakes and waterfalls, visiting isolated villages, vine tasting and other local eats and drinks.
Particularities: neo-Gothic architecture, heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, spectacular mountain landscapes + multicultural urban atmosphere.
Flyights: Budapest Airport.
Recommended duration: 10 - 12 days.

Budapest - Tara Motilor - Cluj

Budapest - Tara Motilor - Cluj

Must sees: Corvin Castle, The Apuseni Mountains and a few traditional villages, The Scarisoara Ice Cave, the second biggest underground glacier in south-eastern Europe, The Roman Gold Mine Galleries in Rosia Montana – more than 2000 years old; the Citadel of Alba Iulia, the salt mine in Turda and the city of Cluj Napoca; Budapest city tour + evening boat trip; Hortobágy National Park.
Activities: city breaks, mountain trails, lots of spectacular caves and waterfalls, visiting isolated villages, study of history and 18-19’Th century traditions - memorial houses of the most iconic historical Transylvanian characters.
Particularities: spectacular geological formations, gold mining, heritage of the oldest native Transylvanians, very well preserved traditional villages, spectacular mountain landscapes + multicultural urban atmosphere.
Flyights: Budapest Airport or Cluj Napoca Airport
Recommended duration: 10 - 12 days.

Bucharest - Brasov - Sibiu

Bucharest - Brasov - Sibiu
Must sees: the city of Bucharest - Palace of Parliament (The People's House), Romanian Athenaeum, outdoor Village Museum, University Square, Romana Square, Victory Square, Arch of Triumph, House of the Free Press, historical center, Herastrau and Cismigiu Park, Mogosoaia Lake and Palace, Castles of Southern Transylvania: Peles, Bran, Rasnov, Corvinilor, Transfagarasanu and Transalpina Road with spectacular mountain landscapes.
Activities: city tour of Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov, Transylvania Castle Tour, mountain touring by car, on foot, with the chairlift.
Particularities: bohemian markets and promenade, lots of historical heritage, an interesting mixture between medieval sites, communist symbols and modernism; spectacular mountain landscapes + multicultural urban atmosphere. Well preserved Saxone heritage in the cities and country side / villiges of Brasov and Sibiu.
Flyights: Bucharest / Otopeni Airport.
Recommended duration: 5 - 7 days.

Cluj - Alba - Sibiu - Brasov

Cluj - Alba - Sibiu - Brasov
Must sees: Medieval castles – Corvin, Bran, Rasnov, Deva, Citadel of Alba Iulia, hystorical centers of Brasov, Sibiu, and Cluj, the medieval town and citadel of Sighisoara, the salt mine in Turda, some of the traditional villages with fortified churches, Southern Carpathians - caves, meadows, rocky steep walls, spruce forests, more than 80 glacial lakes, two of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world: Transfagarasanu and Transalpina winding around the mountain cliffs at hights over 2000m.
Activities: city tours and urban leisure, mountain touring hiking / walking / trekking, wildlife and bird watching; caving, horse carriage / sled strolls, sightseeing and just enjoying nature.
Particularities: historical heritage from the middle ages, very well preserved historical sites and country side, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, the highest peaks of the Romanian Carpathians.
Flyights: via Cluj Napoca or Otopeni/Bucharest Airport
Recommended duration: 6 - 8 days.

Why Choose Us?

We are native Romanian and Hungarian speakers, fluent in English, and can get along with Hebrew, Italian, French and German.

We are not geniuses, just went to school, pay a bit of attention, and have some good connections. Probably also helped the fact that Transylvania is a multiethnic region, nowadays with roughly ~ 60% ethnically Romanian people, ~ 20% Hungarian (Magyar, Székely), ~ 8 German (Schwabian, Saxon, Zipser), ~10% Gypsy, and under 5% Ukrainian, Serb, and other ethnical groups.

The situation was a bit different during the 18’Th and 19’Th century, when probably it was something like: ~ 40% ethnically Romanian, ~ 25% Hungarian, ~ 15% German, ~ 10% Gypsy, ~ 5% Jew and under 5% Ukrainians, Serbs.

I can personally say, as long as I know, that I am something like 25% German, 25% Romanian, 25% Hungarian, and not sure about the rest because one of my grandpa’s was born somewhere in Galicia (present day Ukraine) and there the situation was even more complicated .

We offer mainly custom services / custom packages which are basically a combination of multiple single services tailor made to the traveler’s needs.

It can be a complete package as a sightseeing tour, a guided heritage tour or a family tree tour, even airport to airport tours, but we offer also, as we call it, single services like:

  • Airport transfers from or to Budapest, Cluj Napoca, Debrecen, Timisoara Airports
  • Services of a private driver or other transportation services
  • Car rentals from local, flexible companies
  • Organization services
  • Training and team building type activities
  • Translations and interpreting
  • Research, representation or just consultancy

We call a service, a package or a tour as airport to airport all-inclusive when we plan the whole trip and organize for our travelers all the needed services from landing at a specific airport to taking off from the same or another airport.

In these cases we expect and meet our travelers at the airport terminal and say goodbye in the same place. “All-inclusive” usually includes:

  • Planning and creating a custom tour – itinerary, sites, objectives etc
  • All the necessary reservations
  • Airport transfers and all the needed transportation services
  • Guiding and interpreting
  • Assistance throughout the whole period of stay

In this way we can spare a lot of time and money and gain more comfort and safety.

We are flexible and always deliver considering your wishes. For example, a specific place or area might catch your attention and decide to stick around more than it was planned, we are flexible enough and can easily adapt to such situations or even more than that.

We prefer to guide and deliver information towards your curiosity and interests rather then follow a specific, memorized program.

As small business owners with several years spent also in multinational corporations we learned to value time.

Being passionate about history and with a rich experience in travelling across Romania and Europe we can promise that if you are interested we are able to widen your knowledge about our regions and about Eastern Europe in general.