As Transylvanian Private Guide, we are offering tailor made guiding and support services for those visiting our sites for touristic or business reasons.
We can provide single services as consulting, interpreting, mediation, planning, organization, transportation, airport transfers, car rental, research, guiding,
or combined services as heritage tours, assisted city breaks, family tree tours, sightseeing tours, adventure treks, custom / combined tours, or even airport to airport all-inclusive services depending on the main objectives that you have in mind and the available time at disposal.
We prefer and promote a more pragmatic, realistic and personal approach in form of tailor made services rather than template style commercial packages.
Tours are flexible with us - We focus on your curiosity and interests - Value your time and widen your knowledge about Transylvania and Romania.

What are we doing?

Driving - Transport

Driving - Transport

A basic need when travelling, considering the conditions in Romania, a good transportation service can provide you safety on the roads, help spare a lot of time and resources, provide the comfort and necessary environment to focus on the important aspects of your journey.

Guiding - Info

Guiding - Info

Transylvania has a lot to offer: natural beauties, ethnical diversity, cultural heritage, historic sites and generally a reach and complicated historic background visible even nowadays. A curious mind will need lots of answers and maybe to explore a bit the "non comercial" more authentic sites. 


Well, it’s all about leisure.
Nature to contemplate, well preserved rural areas with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, organic food and a diverse cuisine, beautiful beer gardens and terraces in the urban areas, historical sites, generally a culturally diverse and friendly environment.

How we work?

Hopefully we show up in a google search, trip advisor or similar platforms, and we will definitely show up on site.
We rely more on Google for the moment, this is more like a hobby as a side business for us, so we do not really insist on developing fancy profiles to increase volumes.

It would be the best if this happens during your travel planning, before you take any actions. There is a good chance that by consulting we can improve your timing, itinerary, and also help you to streamline the costs.

As we are in contact via Email, WhatsApp, Messenger or Phone, first thing we focus on your mindset, and what you have in mind as objectives, curiosities and intentions before travelling to Transylvania.

After consulting we customize and usually propose:
  • Transport possibilities, flight variants – sometimes it might be more efficient to land and take off from different airports (for example Bucharest – Cluj Napoca; Cluj Napoca – Budapest / Debrecen) and transfer solutions
  • An approach, itineraries and places, not necessarily just those you can find on the internet – there are many places worth visited which are not included in the more commercial offers
  • Highlight events in a specific period
  • Suitable accommodation
  • Local reliable suppliers
  • Custom tours
  • Ideas and potential resources for those with business interests
At this point we probably have a travel plan or a tailored custom tour.
By adapt and deliver we mean that we are flexible and always deliver considering your wishes. For example, a specific place or area might catch your attention and decide to stick around more than it was planned, we are flexible enough and can easily adapt to such situations or even more than that.

Why Choose Us?

We are native Romanian and Hungarian speakers, fluent in English, and can get along with Hebrew, Italian, French and German.

We are not geniuses, just went to school, pay a bit of attention, and have some good connections. Probably also helped the fact that Transylvania is a multiethnic region, nowadays with roughly ~ 60% ethnically Romanian people, ~ 20% Hungarian (Magyar, Székely), ~ 8 German (Schwabian, Saxon, Zipser), ~10% Gypsy, and under 5% Ukrainian, Serb, and other ethnical groups.

The situation was a bit different during the 18’Th and 19’Th century, when probably it was something like: ~ 40% ethnically Romanian, ~ 25% Hungarian, ~ 15% German, ~ 10% Gypsy, ~ 5% Jew and under 5% Ukrainians, Serbs.

I can personally say, as long as I know, that I am something like 25% German, 25% Romanian, 25% Hungarian, and not sure about the rest because one of my grandpa’s was born somewhere in Galicia (present day Ukraine) and there the situation was even more complicated .

We offer mainly custom services / custom packages which are basically a combination of multiple single services tailor made to the traveler’s needs.

It can be a complete package as a sightseeing tour, a guided heritage tour or a family tree tour, even airport to airport tours, but we offer also, as we call it, single services like:

  • Airport transfers from or to Budapest, Cluj Napoca, Debrecen, Timisoara Airports
  • Services of a private driver or other transportation services
  • Car rentals from local, flexible companies
  • Organization services
  • Training and team building type activities
  • Translations and interpreting
  • Research, representation or just consultancy

We call a service, a package or a tour as airport to airport all-inclusive when we plan the whole trip and organize for our travelers all the needed services from landing at a specific airport to taking off from the same or another airport.

In these cases we expect and meet our travelers at the airport terminal and say goodbye in the same place. “All-inclusive” usually includes:

  • Planning and creating a custom tour – itinerary, sites, objectives etc
  • All the necessary reservations
  • Airport transfers and all the needed transportation services
  • Guiding and interpreting
  • Assistance throughout the whole period of stay

In this way we can spare a lot of time and money and gain more comfort and safety.

We are flexible and always deliver considering your wishes. For example, a specific place or area might catch your attention and decide to stick around more than it was planned, we are flexible enough and can easily adapt to such situations or even more than that.

We prefer to guide and deliver information towards your curiosity and interests rather then follow a specific, memorized program.

As small business owners with several years spent also in multinational corporations we learned to value time.

Being passionate about history and with a rich experience in travelling across Romania and Europe we can promise that if you are interested we are able to widen your knowledge about our regions and about Eastern Europe in general.